What does the application process look like?

There are four steps to the application process. To get started click here, and we'll send you a link to the Initial Interest form. 


  1. Complete Initial Interest Form » Begin the Application Process Now!
    • Interest Forms Processed & Reviewed
    • Qualified candidates identified and notified of next steps
    • Other candidates notified and encouraged in next steps for growth
  2. Qualified Candidates complete Full Residency Application
    • Applications Processed & Reviewed
    • Final candidates identified and notified of next steps
    • Remaining candidates notified and encourage in next steps for growth
  3. Final Candidates Invited to Personal Interview
    • Interviews are held in OKC, with both the candidate and his wife
    • Interviews Processed & Reviewed
    • Decision made on which candidate(s) is(are) invited into the residency
  4. Residency Position Offered to Selected Candidate(s)
    • Resident given time to relocate to OKC and settle family before the residency begins